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InterStaff has been successfully recruiting nurses and other healthcare professionals for hospital systems around the world since 1998, and over six years InterStaff has become experts at assisting our nurses to pursue their dreams of living and working internationally. InterStaff clients are some of the best public and private healthcare facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia and they work with them to select nurses with great clinical skills, energy, motivation and commitment. InterStaff’s team of international staff has many years experience in the recruitment industry and their global network allows them to take care of every aspect of the relocation process, and to provide an individualised service for every healthcare professional and hospital client that they assist. InterStaff prides themselves on being a professional organisation that consistently achieves quality outcomes for both their nurses and their clients. Interstaff specializes in placing foreign-trained nurses in the finest teaching hospitals and healthcare centers for excellence in the United States of America. Not only will InterStaff helps you find the career you have been dreaming of, but InterStaff will give you the preparation and support to make that dream a reality. From assistance with immigration, to moving in to your new home, InterStaff is there for you every step of the way. They staff some of the finest and most advanced hospital systems in the country, and Interstaff will work diligently to secure the position that is right for you. Whether you prefer to work in a small, 30-bed hospital in a quiet community or are looking to work in a 600-bed facility in the big city, InterStaff will provide you with the opportunity to fulfill your dreams. Interstaff has worked closely with each of their hospital clients to develop an in-depth orientation program for all of their foreign-trained nurses to make sure you have the knowledge and skills to adjust to your new career in America. InterStaff’s goal is to ensure that you are successful in your new home, as well as your new job. InterStaff offers excellent salary, relocation packages, and benefits. InterStaff has an online candidate tracking database, so that you can follow along with your progress. In addition, InterStaff has offices around the world, and their dedicated, global staff is available around the clock with fair and honest consultation.
Location: InterStaff Asia, Inc. VNP Bldg 7/F 479 Pedro Gil St. Ermita, Manila 1442 Philippines Phone: (02) 524 6722

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