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InterMed Placement USA

Posted on March 11, 2015 | No Comments on InterMed Placement USA

InterMed Placement USA, Inc. is a rapidly growing company based in the United States specializing in placing Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists and other healthcare professionals with leading healthcare facilities nationwide. InterMed sponsors qualified candidates for permanent resident status in the United States through its contract staffing program. Our headquarters are located in New York City and we maintain a satellite office in California. The directors of InterMed are a diverse group of professionals dedicated to achieving optimum success for its foreign-based healthcare professionals in the United States. InterMed Placement USA’s 3 directors were born in Burma, India and the United States respectively.
Location: InterMed Placement USA, Inc. 37-18 73rd Street, Suite 401 Jackson Heights, New York 11372 USA Phone: +1 (718) 533-8444 Fax: +1 (718) 732-0685 299 Broadway, Suite 803 New York, New York 10007 USA Phone: +1 (718) 533-8444 Fax: +1 (718) 732-0685 Fax 39172 B State Street Fremont, California 94538 USA Phone: +1 (718) 533-8444 Fax: +1 (718) 732-0685

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