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Institute of California Bilingual Medical Staffing

The Institute of California grew out of a reponse to the need for Spanish/English bilingual professionals in the health services sector not only in California, but across the USA. At the same time, many Mexican health professionals are looking for new opportunities and new horizons. The Institute of California management team possesses years of healthcare training, immigration, service and international management experience. Their goal is to help Mexican healthcare professionals achieve their personal goals, while at the same time helping U.S. hospitals better serve their patients.
Location: Institute of California USA 10940 Wilshive Blvd., Suite 1600 Los Angeles, CA 90024 Phone: (310) 443-4178 Institute of California Mexico Insurgentes Sur 605, Piso 14 PH Mexico, DF 03810 Program information: (55) 5351-1779 Administration: (55) 5985-2510

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  1. Marisol Ramirez Robles Reply

    Eyyy, hello! Iam student of nursing, I don’t graduate because I need 400 points in the TOEFL in this time I student english in the University of Guanajuato, I want to get information about of program. Hi.

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