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Horizon Recruitment Pacific Corporation (HRPC)

Posted on September 8, 2009 | 5 Comments

Horizon Recruitment Pacific Corporation (HRPC) is the premier company providing job opportunites for nurses in the Philippines for resettlement to North America. HRPC is dedicated to helping nurses qualify for and fulfill their professional dreams. HRPC focuses on bringing qualified employers together with qualified nurses for placement in the United States and Canada. For over 4 1/2 years HRPC has been the leader and innovator in creating programs to streamline the process for Filipino Nurses to eliminate red tape and needless fees while simplifying the process to make it easier for our candidates to achieve their dreams of working and living in the United States and/or Canada as landed immigrants. HRPC Training and Accreditation Assistance Centre, Inc. has moved to the next stage of service for our associates and clientele. Horizon Recruitment Pacific Corporation, established in 2002, is positioned to carry them forward in their drive to improve their programs in assisting nurses in the pursuit of their dreams. Specifically, HRPC has been refocused to address Training and Review Classes, while Horizon Recruitment will center its efforts on processing of overseas applications with POEA accreditation. The Pathway to Canada (PTC) is their newest program involving HRPC Training and Accreditation Assistance Centre, Inc. In cooperation with Majestic College and Recruitment Solutions International. PTC is an extension of the current ‘Earn While You Learn’ program for Health and Social Care in the UK. It is entirely a new program that provides NVQ level studies in the UK focusing on Customer Service Training at the same time offers students a clear path to employment in Canada.
Location: Horizon Recruitment Pacific Corporation (HRPC) 3rd Floor Reliance House 205 EDSA cor. Rochester St. Greenhills, Mandaluyong City Philippines 1550 Tel : (632) 724-8601 to 06 Fax: (632) 722-4473

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  1. 10/07/22

    how much will be the fee.kindly give me a col or give me your line to contact you soon.incase this is my no.09289453797

  2. 11/01/10

    how much will be the fee? and what are the documents needed?

  3. Olushola Ajihun Abiodun Reply

    i would like to know when,and the requirementfor the seminar

  4. cakes Reply

    is this ad still active? i hope one from horizon updates this post or remove this post if its no longer active.

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