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Helping Hands Caregiver Services

Deryn Nicole Rizzi, the President of Helping Hands Caregiver Services, is a qualified Immigration Consultant and and active member of The Society of Immigration Consultants. She is also an active member of The Canadian Association of Profession Immigration Consultants. Deryn Nicole is a graduate from Queen’s University where she obtained two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education Degree. She is a former full time teacher with the York Region District School Board. Deryn Nicole now runs Helping Hands Caregiver Services and Immigration Consulting business full time, and is the mother of two. The Live-in Caregiver Program allows professional caregivers to work in Canada. Caregivers are individuals who are qualified to work without supervision in a private household providing care for children, elderly persons or people who have disabilities. The live-in caregiver must live in the employer’s home.
Location: Helping Hands Caregiver Services 1111 Davis Drive Unit #1 Suite #248 Newmarket, Ontario CANADA L3Y 9E5 Toll free: 1-877-636-6437

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