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HealthOne Staffing was formed in 2003 to provide short and long-term staffing solutions to healthcare facilities suffering from nurse staff shortages. Since its founding the company has been recruiting and employing US and international nurses on per diem, travel and long-term assignments at client healthcare facilities. HEALTHONE STAFFING’S MISSION is to be the leading provider of nurse staffing personnel in regions they serve by delivering exceptional staffing services that target the individual needs of their hospital clients and thereby improve patient care. THEIR OBJECTIVES are to provide… EMPLOYEES with: * Assignments that match their qualifications and professional and personal interests * Responsiveness to their personal and professional needs * Competitive wage and benefit programs * A work environment that promotes safety and quality patient care CLIENTS with: * Nurses of the highest quality as measured by nursing aptitude, communication skills, quality of work and patient satisfaction * Competitive pricing that is comparable to client staff compensation * Flexibility to meet the changing and evolving needs of individuals COMPANY PROFITABILITY through: * Efficient use of operating resources * Effective risk management * Strategic growth that is focused on strengths & profitability
Location: HealthOne Staffing Corporate Office 6960 Destiny Drive, Suite 111 Rocklin, CA 95677 P (888) 585-0455 F (888) 585-0333 After Hours Emergency Phone (866) 819-4867 Per Diem Staffing Line (916) 415-6055 Corporate Mailing Address: PO Box 1507 Rocklin, CA 95677 Recruitment Extension Office 1675 SW Marlow Avenue, Suite 315 Portland, OR 97225 P (503) 928-6820 F (503) 546-0556

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