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HealthCareer Advisors

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HealthCareer Advisors is dedicated to serving the employment needs of healthcare professionals and the permanent and variable staffing needs of healthcare employers. Acting as career agents to healthcare practitioners and meeting the resource needs of healthcare employers, they seek to identify and match well qualified candidates with client specific employment requirements. In doing so, they create employment opportunities for healthcare professionals and valuable resource solutions for their clients. HealthCareer Advisors provides a wide range of healthcare resource solutions including; Direct Placement, Contract-to-Hire, Medical Staffing and Strategic Resource Partnerships. Their proprietary database and advanced information systems allow them to quickly match client requests with the appropriately skilled professionals drawn from our database containing thousands of healthcare professionals. Their database and proprietary technology quickly and accurately matches open job orders to well qualified healthcare practitioners. Most of the practitioners contained in our database are professionals employed and not actively searching for a new job. These passively active healthcare practitioners represent the most desired resources to employers. Their senior recruiters possess decades of experience in Executive Search, Healthcare Recruiting and Staffing and Management Consulting. HealthCareer Advisors serves clients ranging from healthcare start-up firms, established private healthcare and publicly-traded organizations, hospitals, hospital groups and acute medical care facilities. HealthCareer Advisors is also instrumental as a healthcare resource provider to Fortune 100 biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical research and development firms. They have the proven track record essential to consistenly make successful placements within the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.
Location: HealthCareer Advisors, LLC USA Phone: (847) 594-8210 Toll Free: 1-866-558-3819 Fax: (847) 594-8225

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