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Genius Health mission statement is:” to provide nurses with a transparent, efficient and ethical job placement service. Assistance and support is given in all aspects of the employment process with paramount importance placed on meeting individual preferences in securing employment in the UK.” Genius Health Recruitment Agency has been established by nurses for nurses who understand the need to find career opportunities that fit their expectations and experience. Genius Health specialises in placing full-time nurses who are looking to their next career move within the United Kingdom and nurses looking to relocate from an overseas base. Is the one stop where nurses can place an application and where a fellow health professional liaises and negotiates only the most suitable jobs on your behalf. Genius Health offers nurses worldwide, assistance and support in finding “their best fit” job in the UK, matching their skills and experience.
Location: Genius Health PO Box 431 Tonbridge TN9 2XD United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 20 7900 3499

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