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G & M Philippines Agency

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G & M Philippines, Inc., or the Gulangco Monteverde Agency is a duly licensed placement and recruitment land based agency headed by Jowett Golangco in the Philippines that has helped thousands of Filipinos find their dream job and earn their dream life in the employment abroad. The company strictly adheres and complies to the recruitment laws and rules set by the government of the Philippines and remains responsive of the welfare programs and allied services expected of recruitment agencies.

Since its conception, G & M Philippines, Inc., or the Gulangco Monteverde Agency has deployed thousands of professional and skilled workers all over the world including healthcare professionals (nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians), accountants, engineers, teachers, programmers, and office personnel as well as skilled workers like food service workers, construction staff, carpenters, masons, maintenance personnel, among others. These deployed workers, along with their employers, serve as the living testament to the dependability, honesty and commitment of G & M Philippines.

G & M Philippines Agency provides a personalized special attention to every individual applicant as every individual is treated important. With its years of experience, the company has earned a strong knowledge in the ins and outs of the recruitment service. It is focused on service to clients and workers, which are the two stakeholders whose objectives must equally be met in deployment. Applicants should receive the compensation they deserve and find work that will realize their full potential and provide them with a sense of fulfillment in life. Employers on the other hand need workers who are most fit and qualified to address their requirements, and who possess the values that the company holds dear in order to mesh perfectly with the organization.

G & M Philippines Agency understands the importance of facilitating deployment fast by expediting quick agreement and fast transactions. It is a recruitment agency that maintains transparency so that all the information that the employee and employer need are clearly established.

G & M Philippines, Inc., or the Gulangco Monteverde Agency is located at 426 J. Nepomuceno St. San Miguel Quiapo Manila, Philippines with telephone 73390-66/7369166.

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