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First Magellan Overseas Corporation

First Magellan Overseas Corporation is a private international recruitment and placement agency under the umbrella of Asia Link Group of Companies. The Group was established in 1997, namely Asia Link Credit Corporation, Global Dominion Finance Corporation, Westpoint Collection and Business Development Services, Inc. and Forbes Financial and Business Consultancy Corporation. These companies are manned by professional and reputable businessmen in the Philippines and having different expertise in the field of their respective professions. The combined extensive experiences will guarantee you of their strong emphasis on service to meet every client’s expected output, and First Magellan Overseas Corporation intends to move ahead with this principle. To compete with the current market situation, a combined/shared personnel have been conceptualized to maximize the workforce at a lower operational costs. Currently the group has a total of 53 regular employees for the group operations and administration works and over 400 agents (pull out employees) who are doing leg works. Out of the 53 regular employees only 8 at the moment are involved in international documentation and recruitment while the agents are served as their recruiters to disseminate Magellan’s requirements to maximize their sourcing efforts.
Location: First Magellan Overseas Corporation Suite 211 AIC Gold Tower Emerald Avenue Ortigas Center Pasig City Philippines Direct Lines (632) 638-2284 Telefax No. (632) 6382285 Mobile No. 09178862077

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