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Fil-Sino Manpower

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Fil-Sino Manpower Services Incorporated is a land-based recruitment agency established on 1993 that aims in improving the lives of Filipino professional by providing them with international jobs that promises them greener pastures for them and their families. From the time of its organization, Fil-Sino Manpower has been active in the manpower industry with a focus on deploying skilled, semi-skilled and household workers to Taiwan.

To date, it handles the manpower requirements of over 350 principals and employers in Taiwan, HongKong, Libya and Canada. The company deploys an average of one thousand (1,000) workers annually. As such, FIL-SINO Manpower has been named as one of the top 5 agencies that deploy workers to Taiwan.
Among the services offered by FIL-SINO Manpower Services Incorporated included the mobilization, sourcing and pooling of applicants based on customer specification and needs.

Fil-Sino Manpower conducts preliminary screening and testing prior to final selection by the principal or employer which forms part of its quality assurance. It facilitates medical, trade test and training. It helps applicants expedite government documentation protocols with the POEA and the embassy of the country of destination. It conducts pre-Interview of applicants for screening and Post-Final Interview Orientation and meetings and pre-departure orientation seminars including cultural orientation in order to prepare worker to country of destination.

Fil-Sino Manpower provides accommodation, assistance and travel arrangements for principal or employers representative. It holds on-site mediation through the company’s satellite offices and representative. It conducts in-house training for domestic helpers and caretakers. Finally, it helps facilitate e-mail and video services to serve as mediator between potential employer and prospective employee.

Fil-Sino Manpower Services Incorporated is located at 27 and 27a Rainbow St. Bricktown Subdivision, Moonwalk Village, ParaƱaque City Philippines with Tel. No. .+632 822-4089. +632 823-4134 and Fax No. +632 822-59-55.

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