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European Medical Staffing

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European Medical Staffing Ltd. is a boutique recruitment and consulting firm which specializes in International Human Resource Management for the Medical Profession. We assist registered nurses and other medical professionals from Europe and other select countries to obtain the necessary credentials to work in the United States and place them with reputable US hospitals. Their approach to medical staff recruiting is quite different than many other companies. When we started we asked ourselves what would be the best approach to international medical staff recruiting. They analyzed the existing situation and quickly learned from experiences others made in the past. They work in countries which have relatively few cultural differences compared to the United States. They work in countries where many nurses speak fluent English. They properly prepare all international nurses they work with for employment in an American hospital from medical English to cultural training and expect the same from the facilities they work with. European Medical Staffing offers a transparent fee structure and fair cost to their healthcare partners. They directly recruit the most qualified candidates in all countries in which they work directly, including the Philippines. We do not sub-contract or rely on other agencies to recruit for us and they have experienced local staff in each country in which we recruit. That not only reduces our cost but gives us access to a larger pool of qualified candidates. Their professional team of nurses, educators, lawyers and consultants has many years of experience in the medical field, understands the needs of US hospitals and they are ready to work with you.
Location: European Medical Staffing Ltd. P.O. Box 200996 Austin, Texas 78720 (512) 491-7911 (800) 927-1044 Fax (512) 491-7911

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