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ERJA Placement International

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ERJA delivers cost effective global recruiting services of trained professionals to the United States HealthCare Industry. The ERJA program is turn-key for the facility with staffing needs as well as to prospective staff wishing to fill these needs. ERJA staff and management are experienced health care insiders that understand industry needs as well as the technicalities of international employment recruiting. Health care facilities seeking qualified medical personnel find partnering with ERJA as easy as placing a job order. Health care professionals seeking employment in the United States have reliable resources to assist them in every aspect of finding proper employment in their fields of expertise. If qualified applicants are not in the ERJA database, the position is advertised and the specifications distributed through ERJA recruitment channels. ERJA assists in meeting US Department of Immigration legalities as well as assisting the new staff members in acquiring desirable housing in the USA.
Location: ERJA Placement International LLC 10131 Forest Hill Blvd Suite 100-A Wellington Florida 33414 USA Phone: 561.876.9872 Fax: 561.753.6368

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