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Elite Travel Nurse

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In 1999, after working for over ten years in the medical staffing industry and recognizing the need for superior customer service and her desire to foster appreciation of healthcare professionals, Alice Nastri envisioned and founded Elite Medical Staffing, Inc. Being aware of a growing need for travel professionals, Elite Medical Staffing, Inc. launched a new division in 2001…Elite Travel Nurse…which is dedicated to providing the same superior, responsive service. If you are a healthcare facility and have a need for a highly-qualified, specialized healthcare professional, Elite Travel Nurse will work closely with you to make sure the position is filled to your satisfaction. Elite follows stringent screening policies, including but not limited to, maintaining current credentials, background checks, verification of previous employment, testing, required CEUs, and health information. We will qualify each candidate prior to submission. Elite has an advantage over the larger travel companies because they are privately owned and independent. This allows Elite to establish a close relationship with their professionals and maintain an open line of communication. They will never lose sight of the fact that their corporate ability, mixed with a “mom and pop” approach, has been one of the main reasons for our success. Don’t miss the chance to live and work in exciting parts of the country and at the same time make new friends, both personally and professionally.
Location: Elite Travel Nurse 1110 Douglas Avenue, Suite 1018 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 USA Tel: 407-774-7444 Fax: 407-774-7447 Toll Free: 866-448-7444/800-894-3107

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