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Davis International Recruitment Agency is an accredited placement agency of POEA. License No POEA 011-LB-051804-UL
Location: Davis International Recruitment Agency Suite A-2 Sinagoga Bldg, 481 Sinagoga St. Malate, Manila 1064 Philippines Phone: +632 522 1124 Fax: +632 525 1426

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    asking if theres a vancy for respiratory therapist,,thanks god bless

  2. mary rose andaya Reply

    asking if theres vacancy for hospital staff preferably for housekeeping department.thanks and godbless…

  3. 11/05/16

    asking for any vacancy for nurses work in a hospital

  4. carina marges Reply

    asking if there is vacancy for staff midwife or nursing assistang in king fahad national guard

  5. 11/06/29

    great day!i just want to know if there is vacancy for midwives work in hospital or even a nursing attendant @national guard king abdulaziz riyahd?tanx.blessed day po!!!

  6. 11/07/18

    goodday. .maam/sir, ask ko po kung ano ang vaccant ngaun sa hospital nakatapos po aq na healthcareservices.tnx po godbless

  7. kristine Reply

    good day, please help me in finding a job as a staff nurse in a big hospital, im still here in jeddah saudi arabia and already finished my contract, kindly email me for any updates, more power and god bless

  8. 11/09/07

    gud am maam!!! ff up ko lng po application ko for national guard 1 month ago n po..im an er nurse submitted my documents to davis malate branch c/o angel.may response n po b?tnk u

  9. jonabeth Reply

    hi mam,im jonabeth palanca i woud like to ask if you are hiring nurse aids right now in any hospitals in Riyadh,and i would like to ask if you can process application from here in Canada.I’m presently working as a live-in caregiver here.I would like also to ask if you accept certificate from a nursinghome as a work experience.Thank you.

  10. Mariavil A. Caralos Reply

    Hi, good morning. Juz want 2 inquire if u r hiring SN-NICU in King Khalid National Guard – Jeddah? I do have a total of 11 yrs experience ( 2 yrs. – Ward and 8 yrs in NICU and presently employed in Audhabi.
    Thanks and GOD bless.

  11. MMPerez Reply

    Hi, I just want to inquire if there is any available Nurse (ICU/MS) position in KSA. I had a 3 yrs and 3 months working as an ICU nurse from St. Lukes MEdical Center. Thanks

  12. Vanissa Villaflores Reply

    Good day!
    I am interested to work in one of your hospitals.I am a 26 years old Registered Nurse.I worked as a staff nurse in a tertiary hospital for more than 3 years here in the Philippines.My area of assignment was OB,Medical,Surgical,Pediatric ward and was also exposed in Oncology department.I hope you could send me messages regarding any vacancies in my account or in my cellular number,09068459517.
    Please kindly consider my application and give me a reply.
    Thank you very much!
    Vanissa Villaflores,RN
    email add: pinkay_brute12@yahoo.com

  13. melvin arca Reply

    good day! i’m working as a operating room nurse at east avenue medical center for 4 years, im hopefully looking for a nursing job abroad, is there job opening in KSA preferably riyadh. your response will be greatly appreaciated.
    thank you and more power.

    PS: my email add is melvinarca@yahoo.com

  14. 11/11/22

    good day,i just want to inquire if there is a vacancy of finishing carpenter based in riyadh or anywhere in the kingdom.I have a total work experience of 6yrs,4 yrs in the kingdom of saudi arabia.thank you.

  15. zarah miculob Reply

    Goodday mam/sir,

    I would like to inquire in your agency if your hiring midwives or nursing assistnt in nationl guard hosp in riyadh.I have total work experience of more than 2 years in KSA.thank you!

  16. ellene Reply

    hi, good day!
    im an RN with more than 5 years experience. im recently working here in muscat,oman for almost 4 years now with MOH license. just wanna inquire if there’s a hiring in armed forces hospital in saudi.
    response will be highly appreciated..
    many thanks!

  17. cazzandra mae Reply


    Im interested to work on your hospital. Cazzandra Mae Duterte, Registred Midwife. I worked as a volunteer Midwife in a tertiary hospital for 2 yrs now. Im hoping for your feedback or you can send me message regarding any vacancies.

    thank you and god bless!

  18. Margarita Reply

    hello..gud day.. i am a senior nurse for 15 yrs. at gov’t hospital in the philippines.. i am willing to apply in your prestigious hospital.. God bless thanks

  19. Jennifer Reply

    Good day I am a senior medical coder i would like to apply if you have vacancies, presently working in the phillippines in private hospital… i am 41 yrs. willing to apply… thank you

  20. edwin A. Reply

    Greetings!!!Im an RN and working at present as ER nurse for 5yrs in a private tertiary hospital here in manila and willing to work in your prestigious hospital(national guard).One of my patient working in the said hospital told me is in hiring for special areas. Thank you very much!

  21. 12/07/08

    I want to inquire if you have vacancy for Staff Nurse (O.R / Ward / OPD), I`m really interested to apply. I`m 28 years old, Registered Nurse.

    Thank you

  22. connie Reply

    I am a registered nurse and I have worked as a staff nurse in an orthopaedic ward for 5 years and 9 months in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.I connection to this, I would like to inquire for any job vacancies in Canada or Australia. I would be grateful to receive any information or reply regarding my request.

  23. Nathalie Ninez R. Alabastro Reply

    Good day!
    I want to know if you have vacancy for Staff Nurse(ER/ OPD) in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia…thank you very much…I’m 25 years old and a registered nurse.

  24. Jennifer E. Dimayacyac Reply

    I would like to apply as Medical coder

  25. 14/04/01

    gud day,i want you to know if there is vacancy in clinic at national guard king abdulaziz,riyahd. and also do have a vacancy to work in canada? are you connected in cadana? thank you

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