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Dafa Human Resources and Development Corp.

DAFA HUMAN RESOURCE AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION was established in August 2002 as an international employment agency (it was first named Dafa Manpower Services). It is one of the fast growing recruitment agencies in the Philippines, registered with Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), Philippine overseas Employment Agency (POEA) and Department of labor and Employment (DOLE). It has deployed thousand of workers, and still continues to be one of the outstanding recruitment agency in the country. DAFA HUMAN RESOURCE AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION management structure is well designed so that every assignment whatever its size, is lead by Senior Leaders and Directors especially in advising clients/applicants. DAFA HUMAN RESOURCE AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION maintained skilled and unskilled manpower which is composed of quality, highly experienced and well behave Filipino contract workers in their specialized skills and trades. To this end, the company is composed of professionals with intensive experience in handling Human Resource who conduct rigid screening of potential workers or candidates for the immediate processing, thus qualified applicants is deployed in a much shorter period from the time of their applications. Work undertaken is confidential and impartial. DHRDC is staffed by a highly experienced recruitment and support team. All have extensive background in healthcare, business, and/or human resources including some who have lived and worked abroad. License No POEA- 630-LB-072604-R
Location: DAFA HUMAN RESOURCES & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Suite312 Gedisco Center 1564 A. Mabini St., Ermita, Manila PHILIPPINES Phone: (63 02) 4006942-43 3024451 4508575 Fax: (63 02) 4006944

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