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Corinthians International Placement Services

Incorporated under the laws of the Philippine government per Securities and Exchange Commission Registration No. AS092-003463 dated 02 June 1992, the Corporation was able to secure its proper recruitment license from the Department of labor and Employment & Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (DOLE-POEA) under the License No OS-153-92193-NL issued on September 21, 1993. Having been licensed by the proper government authorities, their company has closed a lot of negotiations with different companies in the United States and U.S. Trust Territories like Guam, Saipan-Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands and Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands and with different business organizations in the, Middle East like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, Gulf countries like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait Qatar and Oman and other African country like Nigeria and Asian countries like Papua New Guinea, Japan and Brunei. Their company caters in the recruitment of construction workers, non-construction workers such as hotel staffs, technical staffs, professional staffs as well as different kinds of Filipino performing artists. Providing the Principals with the most qualified workers as well as helping our fellow Filipinos find better job with reputable foreign principals is the main goal of their organization.
Location: Units 501 & 503 Sunshine Plaza, 219 N. Domingo cor. Pinaglabanan Streets, San Juan 1500 Metro Manila, Philippines Contact No.: +632-7249923 / +632-7279651

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