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Comprehensive Nurse Staffing

Posted on March 17, 2015 | 1 Comment on Comprehensive Nurse Staffing

Comprehensive Nurse Staffing (CMS) is an organization that is devoted to solving the staffing needs of hospitals & other healthcare facilities through placement of their expertly credentialed pool of foreign nurses. CMS provides Nurses and Hospital Clients a comprehensive package of services through its U.S. and foreign offices. These services include: 1. Convenient on-line Nurse application process or on-site in our Manila, Philippines office. 2. In house credentialing experts who guide and assist the Nurse through the completion of credentialing and immigration requirements. 3. Weekly contact with all Nurse applicants. 4. Careful screening of all Nurse applicants and detailed verifications of all education and work history. 5. Convenient on-line Nurse selection process; clients may view and select from our database of available Nurses. 6. Maximum exposure of Nurse applicants to quality hospitals and institutions. 7. In-house legal department for maximum coordination and control of immigration requirements. 8. Expert instruction and review of TOEFL, TWE, TSE, CGFNS and NCLEX in CMS’s accredited review facilities in Manila and the provinces. 9. Convenient E.T.A. updates and information provided on-line on the progress of the Nurse credentialing and immigration process. 10. Meet and Greet Services which include reception in U.S., housing, transportation arrangements, and a CMS representative to accompany the Nurse upon arrival, for assistance in securing; social security card, drivers license or state identification, bank account, and any other personal or work related requirements. CMS has as a goal not to charge Nurses any fees whatsoever and to provide payment on behalf of the Nurses for all tests, reviews, and application fees of the credentialing and immigration requirements, including trip and expenses to Guam and Saipan for taking the NCLEX exam, U.S. airfare, and limited housing and transportation allowances. CMS’s Nurse employment agreements include provisions for housing and transportation, and clearly define the terms, wages, and benefits that each Nurse will receive. All our CMS staff are required to adhere to the highest professional standards. U.S. hospital JCAHO accreditation guidelines are followed throughout the credentialing and human resources process. CMS has developed a very credible, concise, and proven program that can accommodate the individual hospital client’s own standards, employment agreement terms and update report requirements.
Location: Comprehensive Medical Staffing, Inc U.S. 7220 NW 36 Street, Suite 407 Miami, Florida 33166 USA Phones: 1-800-462-2812 305-477-4701 Fax: 305-599-3024 Comprehensive Medical Staffing, Inc Philippines Unit 202 K.B. Arizona Towers 38 P. Campa St., Sampaloc, Manila Phone : 313-0847 / 784-1652

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