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Cigna’s business is built on three key principles: – Listening to our customers whether they be corporate purchasers or the end user. – The systematic use of information and knowledge to ensure we are able to work with patients, hospitals and consultants to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes. – Outstanding customer service. CIGNA’s business is built on their vision to be the most exciting, innovative and successful company at the leading edge of healthcare management. CIGNA’s ambition for future success is coupled by striving to follow their values: – Being Leading Edge – Caring for Customers – Caring for Ourselves – Taking Personal Ownership – Creating Value – Having Fun For over eighteen years CIGNA has been operating in the UK, in which time they have established themselves as a high quality company at the forefront of healthcare. CIGNA’s products are innovative and result from an ongoing programme of research and customer feedback, which means that they are continually exceeding customer’s expectations.
Location: CIGNA Healthcare & Group Life, 1 Knowe Road, Greenock, Inverclyde, PA15 4RJ Phone: 01475 492222

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