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Careline Services Inc.

Posted on August 22, 2015 | 1 Comment on Careline Services Inc.

Careline Services Inc. is an innovative healthcare staffing company dedicated to providing the most reliable staffing solution to healthcare facilities across New York and New Jersey. Ultimately, through recruitment of foreign nurses, it aims to play a key role in addressing the prevailing critical nursing shortage while setting a new standard in healthcare staffing across the country. Careline recognizes the vital and unique role that nursing plays in the healthcare system. Careline has always believed that each individual is capable of delivering the best, if treated with respect and dignity. It is no wonder that their highly skilled, hard working, dependable and naturally caring nurses are able to extend an unparallel service to all patients because they show and share with them the true meaning and value of the word “care”. At Careline, they work with their nurses with the greatest sense of care. Careline Services Inc.’s service is warm, thoughtful, friendly and highly personalized. Always, our nurses’ welfare is on the top-of- their minds. Careline Services Inc. go the extra mile to find them not only challenging and rewarding career but also one that enhances their lifestyle.
Location: Careline Services, Inc. – New York 315 Fifth Avenue (Corner 32nd Street), Suite 806 New York, NY 10016 USA Phone : (212) 686-8881 Fax : (212) 213-2534 Magsaysay Global Services, Inc . – Manila 2F Shipping Centre, 707 A. Soriano Avenue Intramuros, Manila 1002 Philippines Phone : (632) 527-6160, 528-1627, 527-7268 Fax : (632) 528-1770

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