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Cambridge Healthcare is known to provide innovative Healthcare staffing solutions and is driven by a commitment to providing an exceptional service and experience. Cambridge Healthcare’s medical staffing activity encompasses Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Laboratory Technicians/Research Scientists, Healthcare Aides / Attendants. Cambridge Healthcare has exciting opportunities in hospitals and long-term care facilities throughout the United States. Cambridge Healthcare nurses are supported through the entire immigration and licensing process. Through their own offices based in India, their associate offices based in the Philippines & their U.S Office for other countries, Cambridge Healthcare maintains a direct contact with overseas nurses registered with them for immigration and placement in the United States of America. Cambridge Healthcare will assist you in obtaining the following documents that will be needed as you complete the immigration process: – IELTS or TSE and TOEFL – NCLEX – Visa Screen Certificate – Medical Clearance – Placement contract Cambridge Healthcare works with facilities that provide housing upon your arrival to the United States as well as a comprehensive orientation program. Cambridge Healthcare will take care of all your travel needs as well! You work with your own International Recruitment Specialist who will be assigned to help you through each step of the process!
Location: Cambridge Healthcare Executive Center II, 3290 North Ridge Road, Suite 290 Ellicott City, MD 21043 USA Phone: 800 811 5549 Fax : 410 750 0787 Associate Office in the Philippines Focus International Manpower Services POEA license # 164-lb-062703-R 2/F West Wing Expocraft International Building 1008 Metropolitan Avenue Makati City, 1200, Philippines Phone: 02-899-4895 E-Mail: focus_intl99@yahoo.com

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