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CA Newfoundland Solutions, Inc.

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CA Newfoundland Solutions, Inc.Today, the CA Newfoundland Solutions, Inc., is one of the most reliable and trusted job placement agencies in the Philippines. Conceptualized in the last quarter of 2006, CA Newfoundland was originally intended to cater to the employment needs of the growing industry of Alberta, Canada. However, many opportunities for job placement opened along the way. The company’s competitive advantage rests on its core group of professional managers and eminent staff that have more than (30) years of combined expertise in their different careers. To better respond to the growing demand for workers, CA Newfoundland Solutions, Inc. made partnerships with different training institutions to better cater to the increasing demand for jobs abroad. CA Newfoundland Solutions, Inc. aims to supply qualified workers to the full satisfaction of our overseas partners and employers through careful personnel selection process. They also aim to develop programs that will support the families of deployed Filipino workers and connect them to various support institutions in order to build strong family values. The company’s thrust to nation building will be actively recognized by promoting financial literacy to all overseas Filipino workers and their respective families by encouraging them to avail of the on-line banking system. The company’s primary purpose is to engage in the business of contracting, enlisting, recruiting skilled and professional workers for overseas work and to act as agents for individuals and firms in supplying qualified and competent manpower.
Location: CA Newfoundland Solutions, Inc. 2202 Antel Global Corporate Center, #3 Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605, Philippines Phone: + 632 687.3789 Fax: + 632 687.3762 Mobile: + 63 917.871.8175

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