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Bison Manpower Agency

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Bison Manpower Agency is a recruitment and placement company owned by the Bison Management Corporation (BMC). It was established in 1983 and had since made its name in deploying Filipino professionals and skilled workers around the world especially in Asian countries, Middle East, Europe, USA and its territories. Among its regular client employers included Al Hareth, Al Malky, Al Maqsourah and Al Masane.

Bison Manpower Agency bets on the versatility and industry of the Filipinos and their urgent desire to improve their lot, which serves as the pillars of the organization. The company was conceived to provide dedicated and expert Filipino professionals their needed opportunity to serve with utmost professionalism and steadfast dedication while being compensated fairly in order to fairly recompense the quality, hard work and commitment they give to their jobs.

Bison Manpower Agency implements a systematic program of selection in order to ensure that their employer client gets only the best personnel that perfectly match their requirements. It has resource that permits the company to get down to the vital details of its employer clients manpower requirements so that it can tailor fit its services and be responsive to individual clients’ needs.

Bison’s brand of service is commitment to quality service and responsive professionalism which has become its hallmark for over twenty years of solid experience in innovative management, which consistently meets the staunch faith in the people. It aligns its business with national goals so as to contribute to national development and economic prosperity.

As an International Staffing company, Bison find ways to reach the best and brightest talents that meets world class standards. It maintains a geocentric world view in dealing with its clients from all over the world so that it can successfully serve any organization from anywhere in the world regardless of race or geographical location. What especially distinguishes Bison from other overseas placement agencies is it after service care. It maintains enduring relationship with both employers and employees for the continued progressive partnership that ensures the advancement of clients and individual employees.

Bison Manpower Agency is located at BMH Centre, 3963 Yague St. Barangay Sta. Cruz, Makati City Philippines 1205.

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