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Bayani Consulting Network

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Since 2002, Bayani Consulting Network, Inc. is a POEA accredited recruitment agency for Nurses. Since then, Bayani continues to expand and widens its scope of recruitment not only limited to nurses but also for Physical and Occupational Therapists as well as Medical and Radiology Technologists. Bayani Consulting Network, Inc is a nurse-owned and operated firm dedicated to preparing Filipino Professionals to immigrate to the USA & other parts of the world. Bayani is a full time service international recruitment agency that matches qualified Filipino professionals for the appropriate working positions in different fields. Bayani subscribes to the standards of ethical business practice & professional integrity as it provides individualized & professional services to both the applicants and the employer. BAYANI offers USA and UAE hospitals and Ambulatory Healthcare Services the following comprehensive services: 1. Pre- screening highly qualified, professional applicants and verifying previous qualifications and experience 2. Arranging interviews for the nurse applicants to meet with the hiring nurse and HR managers 3. Assisting successful applicants in the credentialing and listing for nursing licensure 4. Assist with all legal consultation and processing of the immigrant visa 5. Enrolls successful applicants to establish review centers for the NCLEX and IELTS exams 6. Prepares the applicants to work in the American health care setting with modular teaching on clinical, cultural and professional topics 7. Provides personalized monitoring and support from our in-house career counselor and human resource specialist 8. Community orientation upon arrival in the US
Location: Bayani Consulting Network Suite 505 Greenbelt Mansion 106 Perea St., Legazpi Village, Makati City 1229, Philippines (63.2) 893-65-67 (63.2) 893-65-68 (63.2) 818-11-11 local 219

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