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Ashton Macey Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Technically speaking, Ashton Macey is an Employment business and therefore employs staff directly, making them available to you when you need them. We remove the concerns, time and costs that go hand in hand with advertising for staff, i.e. police checks, interviewing, short listing, training, administration, risk of non starters or time wasters, maternity / paternity, sick pay, annual leave, study leave etc. A member of staff usually costs a business an average of 30% to 50% on top of their salary with the constant threat of investment being a complete loss. Using Ashton Macey staff requires no set up costs or administration fees. Just one hourly rate for each hour of work done with an average 35% charge. This is an ideal way to staff a business that has fluctuations in required manpower, leaving care managers more time to concentrate more time on their clients and other duties.
Location: Ashton Macey Healthcare Staffing Solutions 4 Cartwright Court Cartwright Way Bardon Hill Coalville Leicestershire LE67 1UE England Tel: 01530 832593 Fax: 01530 813428

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