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AQUAVIR International, Inc.

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AQUAVIR International is a reputable international private employment agency located in the heart of Makati, the central commercial district of Philippine business. AQUAVIR International company is holding a full license issued by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, under POEA License No. 305LB-122799-NL, to engage in the recruitment and placement of workers for a fee. AQUAVIR International is a result of the expansion program of CHI-E’S PROMOTION TRAINING CENTER with more than 20 years of experience in the training and promotions of Filipino entertainers. AQUAVIR International offers their services in the selection and hiring of highly qualified and skilled Filipino workers in various industry sectors: information and communications technology; hospitality and entertainment; retail, trade and merchandising; engineering and construction; and medical and allied health sector. AQUAVIR International, Inc. is a proud member of reputable industry associations, such as the Philippine Association of Service Exports, Inc. (PASEI) and Philippine Association of Recruitment Agencies Deploying Artists, Inc. (PARADA).
Location: AQUAVIR International, Inc. 4555 Casino Street, Barangay Palanan, Makati City, Philippines 1235 Tel. : (632) 833-3793 / (632) 551-8111 / (632) 834-2194 Fax : (632) 832-2033

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