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Alliant Medical Staffing specializes in the placement of healthcare professionals into Travel Nursing Jobs, Travel Therapy Jobs, and Travel Radiology Jobs across the United States. Through unparalleled personal service, their team consistently strives to make sure that our travelers have nothing but the best experience possible. With Alliant Medical Staffing, you can expect a wide variety of travel employment options, great compensation and benefits, fully furnished housing, and lucrative bonuses, not to mention a friendly voice on the other end of the phone if you ever need their assistance. Why choose Alliant Medical Staffing travel nursing jobs? In a word…Freedom. By choosing travel nursing jobs through Alliant Medical Staffing, you have the freedom to choose the job of your dreams, in the location of your choice, for the pay that you are worth. Alliant Medical Staffing gives you the flexibility to travel to your preferred destination while at the same time gaining valuable job experience working in some of the top facilities in the country. The best part is that we take care of all of the details including assistance with licensing, arranging travel to and from the job, and preparing housing accommodations for your stay. Alliant’s travel nursing jobs allow you to maximize your earning potential, take advantage of great employee benefits, and gain invaluable experience in a variety of clinical settings. Also, as a traveling nurse, you no longer have to deal with the politics that come along with being at one facility for an extended period of time. Typically our assignments are 13 weeks in length and you have the option to choose another location once your contract is complete. Your recruiter will stay in touch with you the entire time so that if you would like, they can line up another travel job for you to start once your assignment is completed. In many cases, you have the option to renew your travel assignment if you would prefer to stay longer. Also, if you would rather take some time off before your next travel job, then it is up to you. You have the freedom to choose! We make it easy to find your next travel nursing job! As a premier travel nursing agency, Alliant Medical Staffing experienced team knows exactly what traveling healthcare professionals want. Alliant Medical Staffing makes the entire process a breeze by supplying you with a personal recruiter to walk you through the entire travel job process. Your recruiter listens to your preferences such as where you would like to go for your next travel nursing job, when you would like to start, what your skills and strengths are, what shift you would prefer and what benefits you will need. Alliant Medical Staffing team then goes to work to match you to the travel nursing jobs that best match your preferences, skills, and needs. Your personal recruiter will be able to supply you with all of the information to help you decide which assignment is best for you. They can give you information such as the location of the facility, the details of the unit you will be working in, how long the assignment will last, how close your housing is to the facility and any other questions that you may need answers to. We make sure that you are able to enjoy the excitement of beginning your new travel nursing job instead of worrying about the details of your assignment arrangements.
Location: Alliant Medical Staffing 6060 N Central Expressway, Suite 560 Dallas, TX 75206 USA Phone: 866.868.0469 Fax: 866.868.0546

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