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All About Staffing

Posted on May 7, 2015 | 1 Comment on All About Staffing

All About Staffing affiliated with HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) with 182 hospitals with the appearance in 23 states of USA. Providing free recruitment to the Registered Nurses who wanted to Live & Work in USA. All About Staffing was founded in 1993. The business model was designed to provide contract labor, short and long term, through contractual relationships with local vendors. With the emerging nursing shortage and projected decline of future availability, All About Staffing, in 1996, started recruiting internationally. Domestically, service offerings were expanded to include case management, allied health, clerks and business office support personnel. Further service-line expansion continued in 1997 with the coordination of travel nurse assignments. All About Staffing / HCA hospitals offer nurses the following benefits (Additional benefits may be offered by individual hospitals): * Free education program for IELTS & NCLEX * Up to 30 Days Temporary Housing in Florida, USA * Relocation and/or sign- on bonus * Green card Sponsorship for Nurse and Dependents * Free Tuition / Reimbursement program offered by employing hospital * Dental Insurance * Paid Annual Leave * Health and Disability Benefits * Direct employment with the hospital No Agency Deductions * Immigration or attorney fees paid * Nursing skills-building courses prior to departure at no cost * Tailored education program for distance candidates * Hostel facility in Cochin for one month * On-line and computer-based tutorial programs
Location: All About Staffing 1000 Sawgras Corporate Parkway 6th Floor, Sunrise, FL33323, U.S.A Phone : 954-514-1545 Career Staffing USA, Inc. 2601 Prestige Tower Bldg., F. Ortigas Jr. Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig City Phone : +632-637-0165 +632-637-2445

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  1. sharon marie pinaroc Reply

    good day! i would like to apply in your company. I’m a registered nurse here in the philippines with 1 year and 5 months hospital experience. I already passed the NCLEX exam california and will take the IELTS this april, please do send in my email the details and your quaifications, thank you and godbless!

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