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Alda Professional Placement Services

Alda Professional Placement Services is a division of Alda Technologies leader in medical staffing in the United States headquartered in Norht Texas. Their services include contract staffing, permanent placement and executive search. Alda Professional Placement Services’ job is to help you find the best position in the finest hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout the United States, Canada ,UK and Australia. Alda Professional Placement Services emphasis is very much on their clients’ success! Alda Professional Placement Services works hard to satisfy every client by providing quality, dedicated service. They certainly encourage you, their clients, to share with them your institution’s goals and objectives relating to recruitment so Alda Professional Placement Services can put their expertise to work best for you. To provide you with the best service and best quality applicants, they will also perform the job search outside U.S.A. Alda proudly places qualified nurses Access from these overseas countries: Canda, Ireland, France, Austria, Philippines, Australia, India, Caribbean Islands, and South Africa. Their knowledgeable staff will assist you in understanding and fulfilling immigration requirements. To be eligible for an employment visa, you must possess the following requirements: – English fluency – Bachelors degree of equivalent in Nursing – Current nursing license in country of citizenship or residence – Valid passport – Valid VisaScreen (or CGNFS certificate). See below for more information – Passing score on TOEFL/TSE (for nurses from non-English speaking countries). See below for more information
Location: Alda Professional Placement Services 6108 Palomino Drive Plano, TX 75024 USA Phone: 732-398-9974 Fax: 972-370-2542

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