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Al-Ahram International Group Services, Inc.

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Al-Ahram International Group Services, Inc. is an agency primarily engaged in the field of recruitment and marketing. Being one of the leading employment agencies in the Philippines, Al-Ahram International Group Services, Inc. works for meeting the special requirements of companies, establishments, factories and hospitals worldwide. Al-Ahram International Group Services, Inc. has a broad experience in this respect. The company was established last August 1998, with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) license number: POEA-421-LB-100898-NL. Due to its excellent performance, the company has maintained a good record in the recruitment business, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has renewed their license with license number: POEA-491-LB-100902-R. Al-Ahram International Group Services, Inc. company specializes in the supply of skilled and semi-skilled manpower of all categories. For the past years of operation, they have already deployed thousands of workers ranging from the categories of constructions, hospital staff, hotels and restaurants as well as private company workers to various parts of the world. Al-Ahram International Group Services, Inc. had been at the hands of competent and experienced team in the field of human resources .The initial target was the neighboring countries which need manpower. Owing to the great success achieved in the early years of operation and the existence of a great number of customers who have great confidence in the performance of the company in the various markets, it was obliged to expand its activities.
Location: AL-AHRAM INTERNATIONAL GROUP SERVICES, INC PHILIPPINES G/F,1444 R. Salas cor. A. Mabini Sts., Ermita, Manila Philippines Tel. : 0063-2-5365904 ; 0063-2-5365904 Fax : 0063-2-5240152 EGYPT 92B Ahmed Orabi St. Al-Muhandseen – Al-Jeeza Egypt Tel. : 0020-2-3456157 ; 0020-2-3456158 Fax : 0020-2-3037182 ; 0020-2-3441303 EMIRATES Abudhabi – Electra St. Al-Marikini Building UAE Tel. : 00971-2-6769420 ; 00971-2-6769421 Fax : 00971-2-2679423 SAUDI ARABIA Riyadh – Prince Sultan St. Thalatheen Rd. Saudi Arabia Tel. : 00966-1-219775 ; 00966-1-219776 Fax : 00966-1-2197778 CANADA 106 Parkside Drive Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B2T3 Canada

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    i want to apply as a midwive’s or staff nurse. .I’m graduating MidwifERY 3YEARs couRse I have 2yearS experience, ?I am Nadzla k. Kahil
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    Thank y0u!!

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