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Across America Med Staffing

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Across America Med Staffing is committed to being the best Healthcare Travel Company in the Industry. The following five qualities are necessary to insure your satisfaction is guaranteed in a travel assignment. – Personalized one-to-one service accessible seven days a week – Customized employment package that includes top pay & full benefits – Deluxe free housing including pet friendly accommodations – Nationwide job opportunities in prestigious facilities & choice locations – Industry experience partnered with a focused and dedicated team Strictly speaking, Across America Med Staffing places highly qualified healthcare professionals in choice locations throughout the United States. They make sure that people who join them are deeply committed to caring for patients and enjoy working on a team. Across America Med Staffing is a progressive technology rich company and this enables them to maintain a strong focus on high touch relationships. As a healthcare professional, Across America Med Staffing makes sure that you have every opportunity to grow and apply your talents. Once you have become a part of their team, Across America Med Staffing will put the full strength of their company and resources behind you. Across America Med Staffing has over 80 years of combined experience in the healthcare services industry on their team. Name it and they have worked it. Across America Med Staffing skills have been learned in emergency rooms, bedside nursing, hospital staffing, agency staffing, human resource departments, corporate housing and administration.
Location: Across America Med Staffing Corporate Headquarters 201 S. Lake Street, Suite 409 Pasadena, California 91101 USA Main Phone: 800-706-6620 Client Phone: 866-263-3121 Fax: 866-737-8121

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