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A Star Care

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A Star Care is a health care provider of Registered Nurses from the Philippines. Their jobseekers holds CGFNS and/or NCLEX certificates, which some of them also hold some other certificates. They can work in the US using EB3 (green card) or H1-B/H1-C (temporary working visa) which can be processed by our immigration attorney. Contract usually for 3 years and can be extended up to 6 years. A Star Care (ASC) provides the opportunity for the client to either travel internationally to personally interview healthcare professionals or for clients who are unable to travel, phone or video internet interviews can be scheduled. This allows clients to select and hire candidates with the personality and skills that best fit their needs. ASC provides the following services for all recruitment: ASC will: * Arrange for appropriate advertisement in the recruitment country to attract interview candidates. * Provide a local agency in the healthcare professionals’ home country to assist the candidates with visa and license processing for both the Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration and the client’s state licensure board. * Process all necessary paperwork for the candidate’s Immigrant Visa as well as qualified family members. * Manage all paperwork required for a license to practice in the state that the candidate will be assigned. * Assign an individual at the ASC office who will answer questions and provide client and candidate support during normal business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 PM pacific time, Monday through Friday. * Supply candidates with all review materials for appropriate licensure/proficiency exams (such as the NCLEX or CGFNS) and if needed, provide review courses at a leading commercial testing agency nearby or on their home country. * Provide licensure testing opportunities to candidates prior to their relocation to the United States. * Allow easy access to “up to date” information on the status of each candidate through our website. * Offer consultation by their Human Resources Director on preparation for the foreign healthcare professionals’ arrival.
Location: A Star Care 927 Lourence Drive Tracy, California USA

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