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A&C International Resources

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A&C International Resources Inc. Is a SEC Registered Corporation, and is fully licensed by the Department of Labor and Employment and P.O.E.A.(Philippine Overseas Employment Agency), allowing the company to engage in landbased recruitment and deployment of Filipino workers all over the globe. A&C International Resources Inc maintains a pool of professional and skilled workers of different levels in the following fields: • Oil & Gas Industries • Refineries / Onshore – Offshore • Shutdown / Pipelines projects • Petrochemical / Fertilizers / • Power & Desalination Plants • Engineering & Construction • Operation & Maintenance • Airport & Seaport • Heavy Engineering & Fabrication • Health Care Industry • Hospitality / Support / Allied Services • Security & Protection Industry • Shopping Malls • Transport & Logistic • Hotel & Restaurants
Location: A&C International Resources 3rd Floor, 1717 Adriatico St. Malate, Manila, 1004 Philippines Phone: +(632) 524-2310 4508263 4508264 Fax: (632) 5214992

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