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8.North.Staffing is a nurse staffing agency offering both permanent and temporary placements including traveling nurse employment and travel allied health jobs. At 8.North.Staffing, you’ll find everything you need to advance your nursing career! 8.North.Staffing provides a customer focused executive team dedicated to developing their medical professionals while helping their hospital and institutional clients “raise the bar” on patient care. 8.North.Staffing’s mission is to be the only healthcare staffing company you’ll ever need. They recognize that you have a choice in staffing companies, and 8.North.Staffing is committed to making your satisfaction their #1 goal. 8.North.Staffing offers: – Daily monitoring of open travel nurse and allied healthcare professional positions – Placement in all 50 states – Personal contact 24/7 – Benefits YOU customize – A referral bonus – A loyalty bonus – A high touch relationship that continues with each new assignment
Location: 8.North.Staffing USA Phone: 888-866-7844

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