Golden Bat Inc.

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GOLDENBAT (FAR EAST) INC., one of the country’s leading manufacturers’ representative, importer and dealer of scientific instruments, chemicals and lab supplies. Location: Philippines

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

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Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics offers a broad portfolio of performance-driven diagnostics solutions that provide more effective ways to assist in the diagnosis, monitoring and management of disease. Their products and services offer the right balance of science, technology and practicality across the healthcare continuum to provide healthcare professionals with the vital information they need to deliver […]

Intelligent InSites

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Intelligent InSites, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise visibility solutions for the healthcare market. Intelligent InSites was founded in 2004 and launched the current software platform focusing on RTLS in 2006. Since that time we have provided the InSites Enterprise Visibility Platform� to more than 30 locations across North America. The InSites Enterprise Visibility […]

Philippine Heart Center Nursing Alumni Society

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This Philippine Heart Center Nursing Alumni Society website was developed to reunite/introduce the many nurses who have had the opportunity to work in this institution. Location: Philippines

Cairns Nursing Agency

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The employment gateway for Nurses and Healthcare professionals traveling to, around and through Northern Queensland and the Northern Territory or from local to other regions of Australia. Since 1979, Cairns Nursing Agency has been specialising in Nursing jobs to the regional, coastal and rural and remote areas. From recruiting Nurses from the city and regional […]

A Star Care

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A Star Care is a health care provider of Registered Nurses from the Philippines. Their jobseekers holds CGFNS and/or NCLEX certificates, which some of them also hold some other certificates. They can work in the US using EB3 (green card) or H1-B/H1-C (temporary working visa) which can be processed by our immigration attorney. Contract usually […]


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Eltech supply a range of Medical PC Systems for use in Health Care environments. The Medical PCs offer a choice of screen sizes and processing power depending on the users application needs. Systems are available with Touchscreens as standard and also have support for Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. The Medical PC systems can also be […]

Capitol Medical Center Philippines

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The Capitol Medical Center (CMC) is a 300 bed private tertiary hospital established in 1970, which was one of the pioneering healthcare institutions in the Philippines that provide quality healthcare services to local Filipinos as well as foreign visitors for over 40 years now. Since its initial operation and up to this date, the Capitol Medical […]

Hema Metrics: Medical Monitoring Devices and Blood Measurement Products

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HemaMetrics, with offices in Salt Lake City, is a cutting-edge medical device company. Its platform Crit-Line III TQA technology base enables non-invasive, optical measurement of absolute blood parameters in addition to other revolutionary upcoming products in the hemodialysis field and beyond. The Crit-Line and its associated products are FDA 510(k) cleared, carry the CE mark […]


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Promantra is a premier provider of BPO services in the healthcare domain in India with a unified vision: to redefine the way healthcare services are delivered across globe. Promantra began their operations in August 2003 and since then envisioned and pioneered BPO services for the Long Term Care Industry in the USA. They are headquartered […]

Nokbuk Concepts

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Nokbuk Concepts also offers courses, programs, or organized learning experiences that bring nurses up-to-date in a particular area of knowledge or skills and enhance personal or professional goals. Location: Nokbuk Concepts Quezon City Philippines

Lyric Labs

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Lyric Labs is the fully integrated translation and localization service provider with a global service model. Lyric Labs enables clients to get speedy, accurate and native translation through a combination of process strategies, technology leverages and e-business collaboration. Lyric Labs founded in 1998, is a leader in the translation and content localization business. Today, translation […]

Brilliant Caregiver

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Whether you are a temporary or permanent caregiver; caregiving part-time or full-time, long distance or in home, you will be faced with a variety of challenges for which many solutions are simple, effective and affordable. Being a Brilliant Caregiver is about solutions while being courageous, creative, clever and competent when no one you’re dealing with […]

County Nursing

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County Nursing offers a wide variety of work placements in lots of different areas giving you the flexibility to choose where and when you want to work. They can offer various shift patterns including, days, nights, weekends and twilights. As a member of County Nursing Ltd you can expect, * Access to a wide variety […]

Peach Nursing

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Peach Nursing is a specialised �Care in the Community� provider. Quite simply this means that they provide the knowledge and care tailor made to meet individual needs in order that people can stay in their own home when either ill of imfermed. Peach Nursing’s ethos is all about giving people choices and the ability for […]

Parkwood Healthcare

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Parkwood Healthcare was established in 1997 and includes both a nursing agency and a patient transport service (NAS). Parkwood Healthcare recruits a wide range of healthcare professionals including registered nurses (RMNs, RNLDs, RGNs), healthcare assistants, support workers and project workers. They work with a wide range of clients including the NHS, private and voluntary sectors. […]

ADEX Medical Staffing

September 1, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 1

ADEX Medical Staffing, LLC was formed to provide a unique service capability to the medical industry. The combination of ADEX Corporation, a global technology project services company founded in 1993, and a leading medical staffing solutions company founded in 1999, delivers quality driven professional services to its candidates and clients. The ADEX Medical Staffing, LLC […]

Facets of Nursing Excellence

September 1, 2015 Category :Nursing Review Centers 5

Facets of Nursing Excellence mission is to assist nursing graduates in achieving their goal of becoming a licensed nurse. Facets of Nursing Excellence commitment is to conduct an intensive 60-80 hours refresher course that allows flexibility for personal & work commitments. Their goal is to achieve a 100%pass rate. Target audience of Facets of Nursing […]

Global Nurse Recruiters Corporation

August 31, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 2

The Global Nurse Recruiters Corporation was founded on the basis of an ever increasing demand for nurses in the United States. Their mission is to help alleviate the shortage of nurses in the US by providing an opportunity for nurses from around the world to work and live their dreams in America. Global Nurse Recruiters […]


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PROMEBI enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your revenue cycle management. That’s the assurance their company shall commit. PROMEBI specialize in revenue cycle management that addresses the unique medical claims processing and payment needs of any provider, group practice, health institution and hospital. This expertise is demonstrated through our collaborative relationship with payers, well trained […]