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Specialization Spotlight: Orthopaedic Nursing

Orthopedic or orthopedic nurses are nurses who specialized in the treatment, care and prevention of people with musculoskeletal disorders  or muscle and bone problems.  These musculoskeletal problems typically included bone fractures, join displacements,  back pains,  Arthritis/ rheumatism, congenital malformations, musculoskeletal injuries and chronic disorders such bone density losses.

These musculoskeletal disorders require specialized treatment and procedural skills that Orthopaedic nurses must be knowledgeable.  These skills included continuous passive motion therapy, which involved the constant but controlled motion of a join using a CPM device for rehabilitation; casting/ splinting or the encasing of a limb or body to keep broker bones together while healing; and external fixation or the surgical procedure in which holes are drilled and bolts/ wires are used to align the bones when healing.

An orthopedic nurse is a registered nurse that undergoes special certification training and exams for the practice of orthopedic nursing.  The certification is a proof of one’s proficiency and specialty.  They may work in a ER department and operating rooms of a hospital or in a nursing facilities where patients are recovering.  Because of the additional training and specialization of an orthopedic nurse, their salary prospects apparently averages higher than ordinary registered nurses.

Orthopedic nursing is a demanding expertise that requires physical strength, patience, and flexibility to adjust to different patients, who are often in a frustrating disposition in coping with their newly acquired disabilities and limitations. Hence, the need to empathetic and gentle, yet rigid when necessary is a enviable quality. Orthopedic nurses may sometimes need to encourage patients repeatedly to push them to work hard through pain in order to attain their wellness goals.  While this may be difficult and stressful, patients who are able to get through the pain and successfully reach their wellness goals is the most rewarding experience in this specialized field.

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