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Nurses And Tattoos

Posted on April 6, 2015 | No Comments on Nurses And Tattoos

Whereas tattoos have been originally associated with criminals, ex cons, tough guys, gangsters and the like, nowadays, they have become conventional because of the strong influence of media, showbiz and fashion. Today, tattoos had become a symbol of coolness to young people that it is not uncommon or bizarre that many young professionals including nurses both men and women would want to have a tattoo in their bodies.

There is really nothing wrong with having tattoos. Some people claims that they are symbolic of one’s individuality, a form of artistic expression, a component of aesthetic beauty that helps build confidence and still others have them just for the craze. In that case, what’s wrong with nurses having tattoos? There is nothing wrong with it because having a tattoo has no direct correlation to one’s knowledge, professional skills, psychological disposition or personality or cognitive abilities.

What is wrong is that there are hospitals, academic institutions and even patients, who prefer health practitioners like nurses who don’t have tattoos. These conservative people links tattoos with certain unhealthful beliefs. They think that having tattoos shows ones hidden inclination to be barbaric. Some claims that having tattoos is reflective of one’s uncleanliness or ungodliness for that matter. While these beliefs are obviously invalid, unfounded and preposterous, it nevertheless restricts one’s potential opportunities.

For instance, a tattooed nurse will automatically restrict oneself from entering or getting employed in a hospital institution that doesn’t employ nurses with tattoos. It may sound unfair to those in tattoos but it is a matter of company policy, to which a private company have all the right and privilege to make. A student with a tattoo may not be admitted to a nursing school which does not welcome students with tattoos. In short, there is nothing wrong with nurses with tattoos but there are potential disadvantages to them.

Hence, it would be advisable for a nurse or a nursing student not to have a tattoo because of the conservative notions about tattoos, which needs to be eliminated or change. Another option is to have those tattoos in areas where they are not conspicuously visible.

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