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Kester Grant College

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Kester Grant College, Philippines, located at 1608 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines, is the undergraduate degree educational arm of the International Cultural Studies and Education Corporation (ICSEC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the LKG Group of Companies. ICSEC has been in existence in the country for 10 years helping students and professionals with their career and educational goals. ICSEC recognizes its important role in providing quality and high standards of learning. ICSEC, in its commitment to the continuous pursuit of excellence in education and as a response to the pressing need of our times for more educators, business entrepreneurs and nurses for both local and foreign markets, envisioned to establish Kester Grant College, Philippines. The vision of putting up a school is now actualized as it opens its doors in June, School Year 2004-2005. KGC-Philippines strives for excellence through educational innovations, developing competent and skilled individuals, thus empowering them to take part in the realization of a prosperous, just and humane society. Kester Grant College offers BS Nursing Academic program. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) aims to : • Equip the students with learning tools necessary to understand and practice Nursing philosophies and concepts. • Develop in the students knowledge and skills in nursing patients. • Provide students with legal frameworks and knowledge to ensure that they do their duties appropriately. • Provide students with hands-on experiences in various hospitals that will make them understand the concepts that they learn in the classroom develop management and leadership styles and skills can ensure an efficient, effective and productive workforce. • Develop in the students philosophies and values that will ensure that they understand that Nursing is not merely a job but a vocation and a commitment as well.
Location: Kester Grant College, Philippines 1608 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines Tel: 928-9125 • 928-9127 • 928-9135 Fax: 928-8119

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  1. Beth Sta Reply

    I am inquiring for the next semester, i am second year BSN Nursing student and stop for awhile. How much is your tuition fees for major subjects only? Thank you in advance and hope for your soonest reply.

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