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Hi-Precision Diagnostics Cebu

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Hi-Precision is a duly registered tertiary medical laboratory that offers complete laboratory, diagnostic, imaging and dental services in the Philippines.  It has branches across the country particularly situated in the major cities in the Philippines like Metro Manila, Cebu and Pampanga.  In Metro Manila, it has 6 branches including its main branch in 440-442 W, long Bldg. Del Monte Ave, Quezon City. Pampanga, it has branch in Angeles city. Finally in Cebu, it has 4 branches namely the Capitol Branch in J. Llorente St., Cebu City, Osmena Branch  along Osmena Blvd, Mandaue Branch in M.C. Briones National Highway, Mandaue City and Tabunok Branch in the South National Highway of Talisay City.

Hi- Precision in Cebu partakes of the company’s overall mission of providing precise, reliable and top quality healthcare for all its clients’ customers through advanced technology at affordable prices. The company constantly strives to obtain state of art and the latest facilities and equipment to ensure accurate and reliable lab examinations.  More importantly, all lab exams are conducted by its highly trained, experienced and licensed professionals to ensure the unparalleled service to its clients.  It also has a pool of renowned physicians that specializes in different medical areas that the company is affiliated with for proper consultation.

Among the major laboratory services offered by Hi precision includes the following:

  • Bacteriology or the identification, categorization, characterization and general study of bacteria that infects a person.
  • Blood chemistry or the analysis and study of the chemical composition of the blood for the detection of liver disorder, anemia, leukemia and even pregnancy.
  • Clinical Microscopy of the scientific investigation of as urine, semen and stool, which is also an important diagnostic test for detecting disease or sickness.
  • Hematology  or the general study of blood including the blood cells, hemoglobin, coagulators, among others for the detection of blood diseases.
  • Drug test for the detection of addictive substances that are prohibited by law such as steroids, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, shabu and other drugs.
  • Histopathology or the microscopic examination of muscle and organ tissues.
  • Audiometry or the testing of one’s auditory or hearing capacities for detecting deafness.
  • Paternity or the identification who is the real father of a person.
  • Spirometry or the examination of one’s breath for lung and pulmonary infections
  • Dental x-rays or the x-ray of one’s teeth and mouth.
  • Electrocardiography or ECG or the study of the cardiac activity with the use of electrodes
  • Ultrasound or the imaging of the internals through sound waves inaudible to the human ear.  This is commonly used in pregnancy

For clients who simply want a general check up or diagnosis of one’s health or well being, the company offers health packages that are especially designed to suit the needs of every individual.  For instance, a basic check up would include a cholesterol level analysis, blood count, ECG, sugar level, routine urinalysis among others.  An executive check up would include higher level and more comprehensive diagnostic tests including x-rays, ECG and liver profile among others.  The company also offers pre-employment tests that especially appropriate for conducting medical check up of applicants or prospective employees.

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