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In 2002 GCIC was born …..A year before that… preparation for its operation was in full swing , God’s will has joined the energy of a group of dynamic & young entrepreneurs, with the expertise of a respected academician and administrator with over 40 years of experience. Together they formed what is now known as GLOBAL CITY INNOVATIVE COLLEGE. The process was a long and complicated one; many trials and unforeseen problems came. There were times we thought that the school would not materialize. There were lots of prayers and sleepless nights, but armed with the purpose of providing equal opportunity education to all and with the perseverance and focus of the group, things started to fall in place. Opportunities were opened to GCIC and the group was able to get a great location with excellent facilities and the needed qualified personnel to start the school. All the incorporators of GCIC were very nervous about getting 100 – 200 students for its first year… But with God’s blessing he blessed GCIC with 500 in its initial year. But as with everything else, with blessings come more challenges. GCIC had to expand quickly to accommodate the additional enrollees. Keeping focus and rising up to the challenge, the group joined together their resources and the night before classes opened construction was finished. Rising from the group’s simple vision of providing programs/degrees that will give its students a higher probability of employment both locally and abroad, it has surpassed all expectation in terms of student population… Its goal however has remained the same: to provide only the best quality education in terms of facility and faculty. As the name suggests, innovation is the prime force in which GCIC prides itself. Its unique curriculum is designed specifically to train students to hurdle the tough local Board of Nursing Examinations, and foreign exams like the NCLEX, CGFNS, TOEFL and TSE. For those who may wish to practice nursing internationally, it proactively uses technology to improve its administrative function and medium of instruction to prepare its students for global competency. GCIC has the flexibility of adapting to the changing needs of the times balanced with the good solid foundation of the old. Now after more than a year of operations, GCIC has had its share of trials, failures and successes. It certainly has grown wiser and now more than ever believes that education is the great equalizer which transcends social classes, gender and race. Providing the students with the best education remains GCIC’s top priority. It is clear that the success of GCIC’s future lies only with the unity, cooperation and the combined efforts of the faculty, students, parents, administrators and friends. Thank you for being a part of it. GCIC is slowly but surely on the right track to fulfilling its dream of becoming a university someday… Global City Innovative College offers BS NURSING degree. An integrated pre-med curriculum with e-nursing training (integrated IT/internet/computer training in the field of nursing), including international case studies with affiliated US based hospitals, direct chat for info-exchange, virtual hospital setting at foreign medical facilities via internet hook-up, use of internet and other information gateway facilities at par with the strictest professional standards.
Location: Global City Innovative College 3/F Bonifacio Technology Center 31st St. cor. 2nd Ave. Crescent Park West Bonifacio Global City Taguig, Metro Manila Philippines Phone : (632) 757.5588 to 91 | (632) 818.0945 to 46 Fax: (632) 757.5592 loc 806 Mobile : +63.918.924.7810

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