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Central Colleges of the Philippines (CCP)

In its 50th founding year, the Central Colleges of the Philippines opened its College of Nursing with Vilma F. Ramos, R.N., M.A.N., as its first dean. CCP has added to its list of degree courses a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program. This is a four-year degree courses, which is described as the art and science of caring for people, either sick or well. Nursing is both a vocation and a lifetime calling. This June 2004, the school welcomed the first batch of nursing freshmen and sophomore students. From the time that the cause of educated nurses was championed by Florence Nightingale, Nursing has blossomed into a well-respected and well-compensated profession. The global demand for nurses, especially Filipino nurses, exceeds their availability. Statisticians, labor departments, practical observers, and even government leaders declare that the immediate and pressing global need for nurses may take 20 to 30 years to fulfill. Besides, for as long as humankind exists, so will the need for the nursing profession. Nursing has grown into a modern, dynamic, and complex professional field of study and practice. This change was brought about by diversified changes in people’s health care needs and conditions as influenced by environment and related factors. All countries are now affected by the global as well as local changes in nursing education and practice. What the nursing profession is now experiencing is actually a very important part, as well as effect, of globalization. The urgent global demand for the world-tested Filipino brand of quality professional and compassionate nursing services must be attended to immediately. CCP is answering the call just in time with its new five-story Nursing building. As envisioned by Atty. Crispino P. Reyes, President of CCP, the new College of Nursing meets the highest standards with a state-of-the-art structure complete with fully air-conditioned amphitheater, nursing skills laboratory, mini-hospital, and community set-ups, as well as furnished anatomy-physiology, microbiology-parasitology, chemistry and physics laboratory rooms and classrooms.
Location: Central Colleges of the Philippines 52 Aurora Blvd., Quezon City, Philippines. Phone: 715.51.70 to 75 Fax. 715.08.46

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