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Brokenshire College

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Brokenshire College is a learning organization committed to the pursuit and diffusion of knowledge through the highest standards of research, instruction and extension. It seeks a life of Christian faith, learning and action that will develop people into becoming intellectually and ethically sensitive, creatively aware and responsive to the needs, aspirations and realization of a just, free and responsible Christian social order. COLLEGE OF NURSING Accredited Level III by the ACSCU-AAI, the college offers a four-year course leading to the degree of: BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING The college offers a SPECIAL PROGRAM for professionals (second coursers) that allow them to complete the same degree within a shorter period of two years and one summer. Prospective students are advised to enroll for this special program during the summer term. The college also offers Master of Science in Nursing in consortium with Silliman University.
Location: Brokenshire College Madapo, Davao City Philippines Phone: (63)(082) 227-2105 or 227-3538

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