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Increase your chances of acing IELTS with unlimited IELTS review sessions till you pass!

Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase.  Ensogo, a group buying website,  is currently offering unlimited IELTS review session ’til you pass!


Originally from Thailand, Ensogo Philippines started in July 2010 bringing their passion for online consumer empowerment and drive to create value to millions of bargain hunting Filipinos. The name “Ensogo” was an amalgamation of Entertain, Social and Go and it stands for the company’s belief that is working hard, having fun, sharing, and making a difference. With their tag line “Let’s save together” Ensogo, believes in building a community for consumers to save by offering local, attractive services and products, at the best value achieved by working closely with the best businesses in town.

Details of the unlimited IELTS review by 9.0 Niner


  • Perfecting your English is one of the surefire ways to open up better opportunities for yourself. With this Ensogo treat, not only will you get the chance to have better English skills, you will also be certified via the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), which is a requirement for any job in higher academic levels and for teaching English abroad.
  • With this self-improvement treat, you will get unlimited sessions until you finally pass the exams. Each session is three-hours long and covers the intricacies of the English language.
  • The learning module includes an IELTS orientation, and five major lectures on the IELTS subtests. These are basic lessons that will ease you into the lectures and will allow you to get started on your certification. After these lessons, you will have 62 other classes to prepare you before you take your exams.

In Detail:

9.0 Niner was coined from the perfect IELTS score (9.0) and the term used for someone who has attained 9.0 in his exam result (“Niner”). This is also the aim of the review center for all of its students – to achieve perfect results that will help them improve their chances of passing the exam. Since 2007, 9.0 Niner has taught thousands of IELTS passers and a number of niners who have gone on to teach English in higher academic levels or even in schools abroad. It is truly a review and tutorial center that pushes its students to the limits so they can be proud of themselves and their achievement.

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  1. 12/02/24

    hi, i want to enroll for unlimited review, but i want to know first the cost, and schedule because i am working mon. to fri. thanks more power

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