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What is Multiple Sceloris?

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Multiple Sceloris (Disseminated Scelrosis) is degeneration, progressive disease characterized by demyelination of motor nerve fibers within the spinal cord and brain. Death is most often caused by intercurrent infection. Not contagious or inherited, although it appears more often among relatives

Etiology: unknown, autoimmun; viruses

Signs & Symptoms: triad of symptoms known as Charcot’s triad

  • nystagmus
  • intention tremors
  • scanning speech


  • to prevent and treat muscle spasticity: by muscle stretching; use of muscle relaxants; encourage sleep to prone position
  • To avoid pressue and immobility: sensory loss is usually present and decubitus ulcers accompany severe spasticity in a bedridden patient
  • To assist patient to overcom,effects of incoordination: caused by motor dysfunciton. Teach patient to walk with feet wider apart.
  • To support the patient with bladder disturbances: may lead to progression renal failure. Atropine and Pro-Banthine to relax detrussor muscle and increase bladder capacity.
  • To place patient on bowel program if he had bowel incontinence
  • To help patient with optic and speech defects: cranial nerve affecting sight and speech area affected by multiple slerosis. Utilize eye patch, frosted lens – c/o diplopia (double vision)
  • To train patient in activities of daily living: keep him independent as

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