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What is Hypnotherapy?

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Hypnotherapy is an altered state of consciousness whereby clients are helped to use their own mental associations, memories and life potential to achieve therapeutic goals

It is a technique used in helping clients discover the critical experiences in their past that have been responsible for their present distress

Major Concepts

  • The trance state is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It provides an opportunity fo r the therapist and client to make a maximum use of their responses and focus intently on mastering psychological and physical distress.
  • The effectiveness of hypnosis is enhanced by helping the client develop a new perspective on his problems
  • The intense concentration and willingness to suspend critical judgments that are characteristic of the trance staet can facilitate the process
  • Maybe induced by a skilled therapist, or it may be self induced thourgh a pre-learned method.

Goals of Therapy

  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Change undesirable behavior/habits
  • Increase recall

Roles of the Nurse

  • Assess the client’s ability to use hypnosis in a therapeutic way
  • Have a thourough knowlege of the client
  • Induce client into a trance like state with a suggestion or strategy
  • Explore a topc that is porblematic and cuasing distress

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