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What is Acute Conjuctivitis?

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Important Information

  • Self-limiting viral infection; disappears in a week’s time even without treatment
  • More common during the summer months

AKA: sore eyes

Period of Communicability: from the time symptoms first appear up to 14 days

Mode of Trassmission: transmitted through eye discharges of patient; contact with contaminated articles and in swimming pools

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Eyes are itchy; red and painful
  • Blurring of vision
  • May or may not have fever, headache and wekness of malaise

Management: no definite drug of choice


  • Avoid using personal belongings (towel, eyedrops, eye cosmetics, sunglasses) of infected persons
  • Avoid crowded places or rubbing the eyes when itchy
  • Hand washing

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