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Facts About Ménière’s Disease

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Ménière‘s Disease is a chronic inner ear disease caused by an increase in endolymphatic pressure

Cause: Unknown
Assessment: Tinnitus, unilateral hearing loss and vertigo are charateristic symptoms

Planning & Implementation:

  • Nursing Management

a. Therapy is symptomatic and supportive
b. Bed rest

  • Therapeutic Management

a. Medications are first line of treatment
b. Sedative – phenobarbital
c. Antihistamines – demenhydrinate (Dramamine) to suppress motion sickness
d. Antiemetics – Trimethobenzamide (Tigan)
e. Vasodilator – Nicotinic Acide
f. Low-salt diet to resude the disturbance in water metabolism that is thought to be responsible for the attacks

  • Surgery – delayed until the client’s hearing is below the serviceable level as indicated by pure audiometry.

a. Descrutive of the labyrinth
b. Decompression of the endolymphatic sac
c. Section of the vestibular nerve in the internal auditory canal
d. Cryosurgery of the labyrith – application of intense cold to the semicircular canals

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