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How to get OHNAP Certificate

Posted on August 14, 2012 | 9 Comments on How to get OHNAP Certificate

The term OHNAP pertains to the Occupational Health Nurses Association of the Philippines. The OHNAP certificate is a certificate awarded to nurses who have successfully underwent occupational health training and are members of the OHNAP. OHNAP certificates are exclusively given to OHNAP members, who are apparently nurses who have finished the training course for occupation safety standards. OHNAP provides a Basic Occupational Safety & Health (BOSH) course that is duly accredited by the Bureau of Working Conditions of the Department of Labor. This training usually last for 6 days and upon completion, nurses are awarded the OHNAP certificate. Aside from BOSH, OHNAP also provides comprehensive clinical training in occupational health nursing.

The Basic Occupational Safety & Health training however is not limited to nursing graduates. It is open to all professionals that have a direct and indirect connection to occupational safety. BOSH is in fact available to all people. This program is designed to familiarize safety personnel and other interested citizens with the Philippine Occupational Safety and Health Standards. Trainees are taught to recognize occupational hazards or risks at work as well as ways to check or reduce these risks.

It also trains participants to efficiently perform safety and health examination, work accident examination and analysis as well as assessment of safety performance. Among the important topics in the training included housekeeping, Materials Handling and Storage, electrical, fire and machine safety, protective equipment, industrial hygiene, physical illness and biological and chemical exposures, psychosocial concerns, violence and sexual harassment, ergonomic concerns (needed for the call center industry), and the organizing Health and Safety in the company. Practically all companies especially those from abroad require a BOSH certificate or OHNAP certificate for Nurses to work as occupational safety professionals.

Aside from OHNAP and DOLE through the Bureau of Working Conditions, BOSH training is also offered by different private organizations from which a person interested can equally obtain a BOSH certificate. These private organizations are accredited as OSH Training Organization by Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) or DOLE. Examples of these accredited organizations included Safety House, Inc., Safety Organization of the Philippines, Inc. (SOPI), Safeways Consultancy & Safety Services, World Safety Organization Int’l. Office for Phils., Inc.. ZAP OHS Consultancy Services, Atlantic Safety Consultancy, Inc. (ASCI), Community Health Education Emergency Rescue and Construction Manpower Dev’t. Foundation (CMDF), among others.

Aside from BOSH, these training organization provide specialized training and certificate for specific occupational safety issues such as School Health and Safety, construction safety, Industrial Hygiene and Work Environment Measurement and Loss Control Management, among others. One can therefore opt to take a specific specialization depending on the industry one is planning to work in.

Another alternative to obtaining a BOSH certificate (or OHNAP certificate) is through the e-BOSH training, which is an online version of the course that was recently launched by the Department of Labor in 2011. To get a certificate, one needs to pass an examination upon completion of the course which is available online.

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    hi!may i know the schedule for ohnap training for the month of september and ocober and how much is the fee…thank you..

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    hi goodmorning.,im interested of getting an e-bosh.,how will i apply for the training & payment of fees.,thanks

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    hi goodmorning.,im interested of getting an e-bosh.,how will i apply for the training & payment of fees.,thanks

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    How to be an ohnap member? Ialready have bosh. Tnx.

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