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General Nursing Care After Glaucoma Surgery

Pre-Op – Patient must realize that the vision lost cannot be restored but that further loss can usually be prevented.  Administration of miotics is done at this point.


  • Position – flat and quite for 24 hours to prevent porlapse of the iris through the incision
  • Use of Narcotics or sedatives to keep patient quite and comfortable
  • Liquid diet unitl the first dressing
  • Turning on his unoperative side

Long-Term Care

  • There is usually no restriction on the use of the eyes
  • Fluid intake generally is not curtailed and exercise is permitted
  • Neither bright lights nor darkness are harmful to the eyes of the patinets with glaucoma and there is apprently no relationship between vascular hypertension and ocular hypertension
  • Medical care for the rest of their lives

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