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Extent of Burn Injury

Posted on November 26, 2009 | 1 Comment on Extent of Burn Injury

Rule of Nine

  • useful for the immediate appraisal of the burned area. This is a rapid and popular method for estimating percent of TBSA. This rule which was first devised by Pulanski and Tennison, divides the body surface into areas representing percent or multiples of 9 percent.

Head and Neck 9 percent
Anterior trunk 18 percent
Posterior trunk 18 percent
Perineum 1 percent
Each lower extremity 18 percent
Each upper extremity 9 percent

Lund-Browder Chart

  • thought to be more accurate becasue it takes into account the changes in percent of body surface at various stages of development

Berkow’s Method

  • calculate on the basis of the client’s age and the changes that occur in the proportion of the haead and legs to the rest of the body as the individual grows. The arms and trunk have fixed values in the that they have a fixed poportion throught life

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    Best resource on extend the burn injury ,all rules are very useful.

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